Monday, December 24, 2007

Kerala - ParshiniKadav Temple

Anu came to Kerela for some project work and it was close to Radhi's place, so we decided that on her last day of stay(Sunday) we will show here some places around Kannur and Thalaserry.
We started our day by going to PashiniKadav(hope I spelled it right) temple, it's quite far from Thalaserry, about 1.5 hours drive. The temple is beautiful with back waters. It is quite different from most of temples in Kerela where guys have to remove shirts before entering the temple.

After finishing our prayers, we took a boat around the temple in the back water, was fun.
Then we came back and on our way went to a "DRIVE IN" beach here in Thalaserry.

Diwali @ Bangalore

I have been away from blogs for a long time, posting the article late. We celebrated our first diwali away from home, in Bangalore. My sister ANU came from Hyderabad to celebrate it with us. When I came to Bangalore 3 years back, eveyone told me that there are no Diwali celebrations here in Bangalore, but the enviroment was quite different, may be things have changed fast in 3 years !!!!

Anu and Radhi started with creating a rangoli and as we prepared for prayers, it was quite amazing that I coudn't get crackers in market. My firends told me that you can get them at MADIWALA, I went there, but coudn't find anything.

We did our prayers and excanged sweets with our appartment owner. All people in my street were brusting crackers, there was LOT of sound. I was amazed to see that !!!!!.

Radhi and Anu made some tasty food and we all had dinner. It's quite nice to see that people in Bangalore also have started celebrating north indian festivals, although it was more of firing crackers, then of lakshmi pooja and exchanging sweets.