Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never Buy Anything from RELIANCE DIGITAL

I had a very bad experience with Reliance Digital, Gopalan Mall, Old Madras Road.

I bought a Belking N150 Wireless Router for 2500 Bucks, on 10th May 2013 and exactly 7 days later it stopped working. The terms and conditions on back of bill for reliance digital says that they will exchange any product that is faulty withing 7 working days.

I went to Reliance Digital shop for replacement and they refused !!, when I asked them why, they said that the product should be in sell able condition ? What does that mean ? Why would someone return a product that is working ?

They went back on their own terms and conditions, and told me to get in touch of Belkin itself. I asked them to do it, there was a toll free number mentioned on the Belkin cover and they couldn't get in touch with those, when I asked why, they did not have any answer.

A very bad experience and this was mine first shopping at Reliance Digital as well, I just thank god I did not buy anything big from them, they are total cheats.

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Lies that Reliance Digital have said

1. Belking Toll free number, 1-800-419-5546, does not work after 6:00 pm. When I was there at their shop, they called on the same toll free number some 4 -5 times in-front of me. I just came tried calling on the toll free number and it says "the number does no exists". I have no idea why Reliance store manager would lie to me !

2. Again the store manager said, that belking would come at my home and fix this as they have ONSITE warranty. I just read the Warranty card and it says, we need to go to their center to drop the product. Another Lie...!!!


The Reliance people just seem to tell lies and sell products to people.. stay away from RELIANCE DIGITAL STORE !!!...