Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Club Mahindra - Do not fall into their trap

I took Club Mahindra Membership 3 years back and we choose their White Season with studio apartment. I took their membership 3 years back for 1.81 lacks.

I have visited their Coorg, Goa and Asthamudi properties. There are a few things to watch for

1. After 3 years the same membership today is worth 1.5 lacks, so it's not a good investment, it's a loss.

2. Their customer service is very very poor, they will not tell you regarding the resorts facilities, they are rude and don't respond to your queries. If you ever send an email to feedback@clubmahindra.com they will close your case at will without response, I even had an incidence when my complain was closed without my knowledge and it said "as per Interaction with the customer", I was really surprised.

3. You will NOT be able to take a holiday at x-mas or new years time, MOST of their resorts have "purple season" then and you cannot travel in that season, no matter what membership you have.

4. Stuff at their resort, food, drinks, transport etc, is very expensive, food is okay, but for the money you pay not worth.

5. I wanted to cancel this membership after we went to Club Mahindra GOA, the resort manager called us as I complained directly to their director and promised on PHONE another free week of holdiday, but when I tried to take it, they didn't remember !!!!

I can only say with my experience, that it's not a good investment, rude customer service and expensive, so STAY AWAY from CLUB MAHINDRA.