Sunday, November 18, 2012

GMITE VI at IIM Bangalore - Take Away from the Course

Finished off with GMITE VI @ IIM Bangalore - yesterday (17th Nov 2012). Looking back at this time and trying to think how the course was ? What did I gain ? ROI ? etc

To Begin with, I joined the course because the next level of hierarchy in my company required it. The course began in Jan 2012 and ended yesterday, some points

1. This course required a good amount of time and effort from my end, the professors don't teach everything, you have to read a lot yourself.

2. The course was totally justified in the subjects and electives that were taught, we tried to introduce new courses, so next batch may benefit from it.

3. After doing the course, in general, my knowledge has increased and I feel more confident, I think the best you can do with this course is to grow in your organization, most of the professors also feel the same. The course is worth ed, the professors are really good and knowledge gained is excellent.

4. The first week of campus, there were lot of group assignments, so groups were formed the first day. Sadly, those never changed for the entire 11 months, I don't know almost more than half of my class out of 90 students. The groups should change during the course, we tried it, but most of the people didn't like working that way. There is no much time in breaks (10 minutes), so you would hardly get to communicate with people apart from your group.

5. Found some good friends and connections.

Overall, a great experience !!!