Wednesday, November 18, 2015

R - How to read web logs

R - is one of the most powerful computing tool and it's free, I really wanted to try it out for sometime now.

Got a recent problem, had to read Apache access logs, there are a few apache viewers available, but either they are paid or it is a pain to configure them.

I looked at R, and it was pretty easy to get this going.

I used RStudio for windows, found it really usefull.

1. User read.table() to read the apache log file, please note on WINDOWS, you will have to specify path with double slashes \\, example

df = read.table('C\\Users\\brij\\Desktop\\ccsites.access_log')

at this point if you do head(df) you can see you data vectors

2. You can define your names for columns


3. Next, format the DATE


4. Plot and see some charts :-)$date))

ggplot(data=reqs, aes(x=as.Date(Var1), y=Freq)) + geom_line() + xlab("Date") + ylab("Requests") + theme(legend.position = "none")

Nice and simple ...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never Buy Anything from RELIANCE DIGITAL

I had a very bad experience with Reliance Digital, Gopalan Mall, Old Madras Road.

I bought a Belking N150 Wireless Router for 2500 Bucks, on 10th May 2013 and exactly 7 days later it stopped working. The terms and conditions on back of bill for reliance digital says that they will exchange any product that is faulty withing 7 working days.

I went to Reliance Digital shop for replacement and they refused !!, when I asked them why, they said that the product should be in sell able condition ? What does that mean ? Why would someone return a product that is working ?

They went back on their own terms and conditions, and told me to get in touch of Belkin itself. I asked them to do it, there was a toll free number mentioned on the Belkin cover and they couldn't get in touch with those, when I asked why, they did not have any answer.

A very bad experience and this was mine first shopping at Reliance Digital as well, I just thank god I did not buy anything big from them, they are total cheats.

--------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Lies that Reliance Digital have said

1. Belking Toll free number, 1-800-419-5546, does not work after 6:00 pm. When I was there at their shop, they called on the same toll free number some 4 -5 times in-front of me. I just came tried calling on the toll free number and it says "the number does no exists". I have no idea why Reliance store manager would lie to me !

2. Again the store manager said, that belking would come at my home and fix this as they have ONSITE warranty. I just read the Warranty card and it says, we need to go to their center to drop the product. Another Lie...!!!


The Reliance people just seem to tell lies and sell products to people.. stay away from RELIANCE DIGITAL STORE !!!... 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

GMITE VI at IIM Bangalore - Take Away from the Course

Finished off with GMITE VI @ IIM Bangalore - yesterday (17th Nov 2012). Looking back at this time and trying to think how the course was ? What did I gain ? ROI ? etc

To Begin with, I joined the course because the next level of hierarchy in my company required it. The course began in Jan 2012 and ended yesterday, some points

1. This course required a good amount of time and effort from my end, the professors don't teach everything, you have to read a lot yourself.

2. The course was totally justified in the subjects and electives that were taught, we tried to introduce new courses, so next batch may benefit from it.

3. After doing the course, in general, my knowledge has increased and I feel more confident, I think the best you can do with this course is to grow in your organization, most of the professors also feel the same. The course is worth ed, the professors are really good and knowledge gained is excellent.

4. The first week of campus, there were lot of group assignments, so groups were formed the first day. Sadly, those never changed for the entire 11 months, I don't know almost more than half of my class out of 90 students. The groups should change during the course, we tried it, but most of the people didn't like working that way. There is no much time in breaks (10 minutes), so you would hardly get to communicate with people apart from your group.

5. Found some good friends and connections.

Overall, a great experience !!!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

GMITE VI at IIM - Bangalore, Courses Offered

Below is the list of courses done / offered for GMITE VI at IIM - Bangalore (2012)

This list is NOT complete, as the course ends in November 2012

Course Phase Status
Phase I - 16th Jan - 20 Jan, 2012
Strategy for Emerging Markets  Completed
Financial Accounting  Completed
Managing Cross Cultural Differences  Completed
Phase II - 3rd Feb – 1st June, 2012
Micro Economics  Completed
Financial Accounting   Completed
Team Building and Conflict Management  Completed
Corporate Finance  Completed
Management Accounting  Completed
Management of Commercial Contracts Completed
Organizational Structure and Design Completed
Phase III -  4th June - 9th June, 2012
Management of Technology Products Completed
EXAMS  Completed
Phase IV - 15th June - 21st Sept, 2012
Intellectual Property Rights  Completed
International Taxation  Completed
Service Management Strategy  Completed
Strategic Management Completed
Leadership: Organizational Politics  Completed
Proactive Leadership  Completed
Thinking Unconventionally  Completed
Strategic Market Planning  Completed