Saturday, May 6, 2023

Living Experience - Bangalore Versus Pune

 I had lived in Bangalore for 15 years and then got a job in Pune, after looking at some of the posts online, decided to move to Pune and have been living in Pune for 2 years now, have lived in Pune in Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar and presently residing in Keshav Nagar

Below are my personal experiences when I compare Pune and Bangalore and individual can have different experiences.

To begin with, Bangalore is a much bigger place, so some of the comparisons are not apple to apple, but hopefully it will help a few who want to make this decision of moving from Bangalore to Pune.

1. Property / Rentals - The first thing I checked was property for rent, as my office is in Yerwada, so was looking for places in Pune near to the office. First thing noticed that Pune have very limited semi furnished housing, most of the houses are either unfurnished or fully furnished and there is a major difference in rentals for unfurnished and fully furnished. The rentals for 3 BHK can range here anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000+ depending on the location and type of apartment that you are looking for.  Coming from Bangalore and living in Kaggadaspura near to Bagmane Tech Park, this was just too much rental for me, so decided to buy my own apartment in Pune in Keshav Nagar.

If you decide to buy property, then the property tax is very high in Pune, a 3BHK ( 1200 sqft ) will be around 32k / year, which is a lot more than in Bangalore.

2. Kids Schools - I got admission for my Kids to Vibgyor School and fees are the SAME as that in Bangalore, schools are almost comparable and didn't find any major difference.

3.  Food / Eating out - Pune and Bangalore both have good places to eat out and you can find good places to eat, but Bangalore is more Cosmo and have food from ALL over India, my wife is from Kerala and we couldn't  find a single good authentic Kerala food place to eat. Also food is expensive in Pune and varieties are much lesses, if you are someone who likes to explore eating out difference cuisines then you will miss Bangalore. 

We really miss eating Goan, Andra and other South India cuisines !

4. Connectivity - This is a MAJOR disadvantage in Pune, it's not well connected to other parts of India and you have to rely on Mumbai for some of the travel. The Airport in Pune is very small and does not have that many flights to other locations.  Bangalore is very well connected both by road and air to almost all places in India and out of India as well.

5. Weather - This is very obvious, Bangalore has beautiful weather through out the year ( apart for couple of months for summer), Pune gets very hot during summer and also it's very dry, you would really need to crank up the AC's in your apartments and it's not possible to live without them here. The summer is very difficult time to live in Pune for someone coming from Bangalore. Also the dryness of summer leaves Pune pretty polluted as well, with construction going on everywhere in Pune, it's very dusty, I have apartment on 13th Floor and it gets filled with dust.

6. Expenses - At end of the day, it all boils down to the question, is Pune cheaper ? I will say NO it's not cheaper at all, in-fact you will end up paying more in Pune, rentals, Property Taxes, apartment maintenance, taxes in general are higher in Pune. If you are coming to Pune then make sure to ask for more money than what you are getting in Bangalore.

7. Traffic - This is one of the MAJOR thing that I had read on blogs before coming to Pune, but after living here, I can say traffic is not that much different than that of Bangalore, if it takes you  1 - 1.5 hours to travel 7 - 8 kms in Bangalore, it would take more than 1 hr to travel here as well, really difference of 10 - 15 minutes, sometimes that is also not there are at some places it's worst than Bangalore.

My personal experience and recommendation is that I will NOT suggest anyone to move from Bangalore to Pune, if you have to then make sure you enquire about the area where the office is and rentals etc, also be ready to miss Bangalore's climate, elevated lifestyle, food choices etc.. 

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