Tuesday, April 10, 2007

KodaiKanal April 2007

Recently visited KodaiKanal which is also know as the Princess of Hill Stations in South India. Strangely there are not enough travels going to KodaiKanal. We stayed in Hotel Kodai International which is some 2 kms from KodaiKanal. The Place where we stayed had hotels everywhere and there was no nature to see. We called the travel desk and booked a tour for places in KodaiKanal.

We were happy to see forests and some nature, but the place was overcrowded and inspite of all it being one way traffic we were stuck in traffic jam for more than 30 mins. I personally did not like the place as it has been exploited to it's maximum. In our tour we had 2 waterfalls to visit, but we were told that there is no water in them, so they won't be covered!!!!!!!!

Then next day we thought of going for trecking in forest, but we coudn't as forest department did not give the permission for it.

Then we went to a park (Bryant Park), they were charging 500 rupees for a video cam !!!!! The park was not that good.

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