Thursday, July 5, 2007

ASP.Net Interview Questions

Below are some of the questions that I asked a candidate who came for interview for a ASP.Net Developer.

Q1. What is an Interface and What is an Abstract Class?
Ans1. In an Interface all methods must be Abstract, In Abstract class some methods can be defined.

Q2. Can Two different Programming Languages be mixed in a single ASPX file?
Ans2. ASP.Net's built in parsers are used to remove code from ASPX file and create language files. Each Parser understands only one language, therefore mixing of languages in a single ASPX file is not possible.

Q3. Is it possible to see the code that ASP.Net generates from ASPX files.?
Ans3. Yes, By enabling debugging using <%@ Page Debug = "true"> in ASPX file or <compilation debug = "true"> in web.config file.

Q4. How do I create an ASPX page that periodically refreshes itself in n seconds?
Ans4. <meta http-enquiv="Refresh" Content="nn">

Q5. Explain Webservices
Ans5. WebServices are programmable business logic components that provide access to informaiton functionality through Internet. Standard Protocols like HTTP can be used to access them. WebServices are based on SOAP which is an application of XML.

Q6. Explain Namespaces
Ans6. Namespaces are logical groupings of names used within a program.

Q7. Can A custom .NET data type be used in a web form?
Ans7. Yes, by placing the DLL containing the data type in application root bin directory and will automatically load the DLL.

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