Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Royal Resorts India

Yesterday got a call from Royal Resorts to join their membership. I have heard about their Resorts in GOA and that they are really good, they told me on phone to come to their presentation and get 3 days stay coupon free in their resort, so we(me and Radhi) thought to give it a try. Their office is at Cunningham Road, opposite to SIGMA mall, I was surprised to see that their office was really shabby, and they told me about presentation, they didn't have any Laptop etc for presentation.

They have 4 Resorts and all are in GOA and they also have one from SUN VILLAGE, again in GOA. Then they have 2 resorts in Thailand and 2 in Indonesia. The surprising part was that their membership for 24 years, 7 days holidays a year is 1 lack 30 thousand, couldn’t really believe it, plus they have a maintenance charge of 8500 rupees per year. What they were trying to sell was RCI membership and make it look like you can holiday through RCI anywhere in the world.

Radhi also felt the same way, she was also surprise, and then she told me just to collect the free stay coupon and move out, which we did :-).

Now their free coupon is also not free, you have to pay 475 rupees per day for staying there, and you can't go in peak seasons. I and Radhi didn't like it at all, Club Mahinra is much better and they have lot may resorts and also keep adding new ones.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brijesh,
I was looking around to see what other people's experiences of Royal had been and I came across your blog. We holidayed at Royal Beach Club Benaulim & Hatti Mahal this November (2007) and found them to be really quite run down. I have holidayed there before and informed the management that their standards had fallen.I gave specific examples which they agreed with. This happened at both resorts. Managers said they would act on my comments but I have heard nothing from Royal since we left. This does not square with their website claims. As members we want Royal to improve their customer service, clearly as prospective members you left unimpressed. I'm wondering what to do next? I'm also wondering whether other people have had experiences like us? Ardbeg

Anonymous said...

Hi,we sign up with the Royal membership programe init Bali but decided to cancell it on that day it self,but they still proceed with the process of our membership eventhough we have write in to cancell it, now they said our contract is default and will look for legal action, which we felt so disappointed with them. please pass this blog to who eva want to joint the that they wont experience this kind of treatment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had still bitter experience with RGBC, I am member since 2009, but never got place of my choice even after requesting seven months before,
Recently I requested in June and after one month of fight they came back with offer for hotel stay with the additional cost which was 50% more then open market, I got the email confirmation directly from hotel

Sales person who attended me was Mr. Rahul Mukundan who never respond to my emails when I call he says he is not good at computers and I had seen him using black berry.

As per my experience this resort is a trap.