Sunday, October 21, 2007

Country Vacations India

Me and Radhi got a call from Country Vacations India, and they told us as usual we have to come to their SHIVAJINAGAR office and attend a one hour presentation. After attending the presentation we can collect 3 free gifts 1) A week holiday for two people 2) One day free at their Sarjapur CLUB and 3) A set of six bowls.
We went to their office and attended their presentation for about two plus hours and they told us about their memberships. They have 2 memberships, one 30 years of holidays with them plus 30 years of RCI membership and 2 plots in their latest land development near to Devenhalli Airpot, sounds interesting and the cost of that is 2.4 LACKS, with this they also give club membership for all their clubs for Three Generations !!!. Second membership was for 5 years of holidays, 1 plot and club membership for three generations, price 1.4 Lacks.

We decided that we will visit their properties and then decide on whether to take their membership or not, and we told them the same. They came back with the offer that you can pay 35K and then upgrade your membership. You will get all the benefits, as that in 1.4 lacks membership, except for the plot. We thought that we can give it a shot and came back home with the 35K membership.

When we came back we were shocked to see what all is there in the membership, they had promised us 1 week of holidays, but this membership only had 2 Nights of vacations !!!!!. After this and next 4 days was a head ache for me as I wanted to cancel the membership and they were not ready to do so. I even called their MANAGER, he was also no good.

Then after a BIG fight with them and visiting their place some 4 times, they gave me 4 holiday vouchers, a 2 nights free vacation and some extra coupons for their SARJAPUR club.

We have not visited their properties yet, but what all has happened so far, it has not really been a pleasant experience and their customer service is not good at all. At this point we would say to AVOID country vacations !!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

thank you Brijesh and Radhika for the post your have written on Country Vacation..

I had received a call today and searched the net and found your note.. and obviously I would not even bother to go to their office.

Thank you once again

Anonymous said...

thank you Brijesh and Radhika for the post your have written on Country Vacation..
i live in hyd...
I had received a call today and searched the net and found your note.. and obviously I would not even bother to go to their office.
thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Oh God!
Brijesh & Radhika, You just saved us from the crooks!
We received a call and were to attend the presentation tomorrow! -Would have been complete waste of time.
-Prajakta & Rohit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks GOD. I came across this website. Otherwise I would have lost my money.

Even though I'm not married, I thought of going to their office to collect the gift with my friend. Now I'm cancelling my plan.

Once again thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Same here.. got a call from them and thought scanning through their profile. Thankfully, i found your comments on net.

Thanks so much for spreading awareness on this fraud!!

God bless..

Charan & Kirthana

p ram said...

Hi Radihka and Brijesh

thanks for the post. you really done a great job. thanks a lot for saving my time


shashijsk said...

Thank you very much for the comment on your blog. I too recd a call, and was searching the net, all foolish promises are being made and you tend to fall prey to such companies. Thanks once again

ahamad said...

Thanks very much for this info.

Unknown said...

Thanks a ton Brijesh and Radhika.
Just yesterday only they had washed my brain to have the membership, I have been the same kind of offer for 5 yrs membership 45K need to pay in 36 EMI. I took days of time to find out the reality of the offer over net. Thaks Brij you saved my 45K, which I allmost finalised to have the 5 yrs membership. Looks they are fraud.

dd said...

thaks yaaar!!
I also got the call and went to their place to collect the gift. thought that i'll go to their goa resort. but after coming back i saw your was really helpful.

bidhan said...

Thanks Brijesh and Radhika..
I got a call from them today.. i wouldn't bother to go there office anymore... thanks again..

M Kaman said...

I too was subjected to a two hour session on membership, gift etc. at the end of which a holiday voucher was given for free accommodation for 7 days. But the booking fees was only Rs. 4000/ Rs. 5000. After all these online testimonials including yours, I have decided not to even go for their vacation.
We should start a mass mail on country vacation so that people are not robbed of their money & time.
I have learned from this experience that nothing is free and one should not attend such calls at all.

Unknown said...

Hi Brijesh and Radhika,

Thanks for putting this up on the web. Unfortunately, I'm a victim of this scam too [scam, since many members claim they don't receive all benefits stated while signing up] and I paid a token of 10K. I did keep repeating to my parents and wife [parents won the damned lucky draw coupon] that the deal is too good to be true, I'm cursing myself to fall prey to their scam. How could I have been sooo foolish?

Did you folks have any respite in getting back a part or full refund from the B'lore scamsters??

I'm thankful to my folks and stars that we didn't end up paying the entire amount, and only paid 10K. At least, we saved the 55K that they're probably still waiting to rob us off..

Let me know if I can actually try and get a refund on the 10K.

Ajay K

Brijesh said...

@Ajay - Unfortunately NO, I was not able to get money back in-spite of even calling their BANGALORE Manager, again he made false promises, but I never got any money back.I did try and they told me that they create some legal document which costs them money, so they will only return some %age of the deposit and not the entire, I don't remember the %age which they said they will return, try to get your money back, all the best.

MANISH said...

thank you mr Brijesh for such a detailed blog.
i have suffered the same ordeal as you and i am struck with 1 lac rupees with country vacations. if you are ready we can seek legal help or a news investigation to help people like us.
kindly revert at

Ajay Karthick said...

Dear Brijesh,

Sorry for not having a returning note left after your suggestion comment.

I tried getting back at them to retrieve whatever I could of my 10K, but to no avail.

I requested for at least 6K to 7K return, and the Sardar that was incharge said he'd try (and even put me on to some folks who he said were regional manager) but no one promised a refund.

I didn't have time to run behind them for the money, so I finally gave up. I'm so frustrated with myself that I wasted 10K and got fooled.

This however, has been a great lesson for my family, more than anyone else. They will never get excited with any freebies henceforth. Why, my folks and wife now flatly refuse all the coupons they dish out at malls :)

@ Manish: that's a very hefty amount. I hope you get your justice.

Ajay K

Anonymous said...

Hi Brijesh and Radhika

I would like to thank you very much for saving us fro such a big frauds. They just called me and as usual i searched the net and found your blog. I am greatful for your information you shared with us and saved us from this idiots...

thanks n reagrds
Sandeep & Vandana

Dr Sundar PT @ Srikanth said...

my goodness i got the call today from Spencer Plaza Chennai, with free gifts and tomorrow is the meet. Can any one tell me how to trap those guys. i think we should (if not me at least someone who r bold enough) send the police team. i will mail to the EOW in chennai. let us see what happens.

Dr Sundar PT @ Srikanth said...

oh god i have got a call to meet them in Spencer Plaza chennai. i will send a mail to Economic offences wing and let them attend the meet.

pradeep said...

I am facing the same issue, i had paid 90k. They will never come back to you, after you pay the amount. Becareful brothers.

Imran Nabab said...

Yes, i was also planning to visit their office today after i got a call of lucky draw win.
I will not be going there.

Thanks a lot.....


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is sunny. I got a call on 31st july. I went cleverly took the gifts and came dint pay a penny too. Well my sis is lawyer. I am planning to visit their sarjapur club, to see what happens. Well do you think the other gift of a week holiday will be given for 4000rs only? And did any of you really went for the 1 week trip with the gift voucher plz share experience.

Srinivas said...

I m a country vacations member in koramangala.. I was cheated by the persons there.. At the end i saw all your comment's and went to customer care manager imran and spoke'd abt this.. He solved our doubts and m totally satisfied.. Imran is good person in customer service.. He is a manager

Anonymous said...

Who are you srinivas , an agent for country vacations ? Don't think this cheating can go on. The entire country vacations and country club will be closed down in few years to come. They can not keep cheating the poor innocent indians. I made a payment through credit card and informed HDFC Bank to stop the transactions, waiting whether atleast the banks like HDFC are not with these fraudsters.

Sesh_g said...

What was the response of the HDFC bank to the STOP PAYMENT REQUEST? I'd like to know so that I may do the same.

Indra said...

That's true, Even I had a very bad experience with country vactations.We took membership for 35K. But later after one week bcoz of the respose we decided to cancel. But they were not ready to do so and said only we can transfer memebr ship. Then i decided to hold the membership as of now instead of running behind them for transfering as i was busy.They have sent me some temporary membership card for country club and some spa coupons but I haven't used there any services yet.
While taking the membership say told us that we will get permanent memebrship card and login details for booking with in 2 motnhs, but this is 5th month and i haven't received anything. I called ther customer care in hyderabad around 10-15 times and mailed the details everytime. No resposnse yet. They don't have any complaint resigetering ticekt number or so, everytime u call customer care u have explaing everything from scratch. they say we will get back in an hour or so. When i called the bangalore office no one lifts the phone.

Still trying my had to get the permanent memebrship card... Hope i can succeed.


thiagu1951 said...

I am not lucky to see your comments Brijesh and Radhika before I landed in their pit. One day my son went to some book exibition and one person representing Country Vacations informed that he was selected for free vacations at any of their Holiday Home. To claim that free vacation they insist to visit their office at Puducherry (Now closed) along with the family. I went to their office and they brainwashed me but I don`t know how. They brainwashed me to take one of their Holiday of 5 days for Rs.60000- They sent one of their staff to accompany me to my home to pick up my credit card and the amount was paid. After that due to my family circumstances I am not unable to use it. Hence I request them to cancel the allottment and pay me whatever amount they wish. But they informed me that I have to search for the buyer. I searched throughout the length and breath of India and nobody is willing to take even for free. They insist that apart from initial money payment every year the buyer have to pay some Rs.4000- to Rs,5000- depending upon the area for upkeep. At the time of buying they informed me that in case if I am unable to use the holiday they help through their customer service office for resale. But though I visit their office frequently and contact them over phone and letters nothing will happen. I think I can resell the property whenever I see some advertisement in the Newspaper calling for buying for Holiday resorts. But when I contact the person he said he can purchase any Holiday resort other than Country Club only. OK I satisfy myself it is my payment for some poorva genma karma vinai

Vikas Gulechha said...

Thanks Brijesh and Radhika, even I received a call with free gift offering. thanks for ur post atleast saved my time. we should take a firm action against them so that atleast no further person is trapped and ensure persons running this are put behind bars.

Anonymous said...

I wish i had seen this blog before. . .my parents have been duped with 36000 in Kolkata by this group. . .and now they are not responding to calls or mails. . . whats the way out?

Ajay Karthick said...

To:: Anonymous who posted on Mar 26, 2012 @ 06:08 AM:

The best course is to get over the money lost and try to move on with life. Of course, you can call it the losers way of tending to problems, but take a minute to think about the time, energy and resources you will have to put in, to chase these goons to recover your parent's 36K.. My bet is that you're expenses in chasing the goons to recover your money (if you ever stand a chance, that is) will be close to, or equal to the amount you are to recover.

People who get motivated silly in chasing these goons should know about them first. The CC Reddy's are extremely powerful goons in Hy'bad and have heavy political clout behind them; they're way too powerful for anyone to touch them. Do your research.. If you still have the time and monetary resources to chase them, good luck.

It's better to avoid these tricky packages using common sense. Those who lacked it [like I did] will end up losing hard earned money, like I have.. Best is, to learn from it and get over it..


anonymous said...

Wish I had done a survey of this before going for this.. today itself we had got a call from them & we paid huge amount! & now we realise how we have been fooled! Seriously there should be some mass mails propagating to each & every1 to stop such fraudulence!

Thiagarajan R said...

After posted that I was fooled Rs.60,000- in the Blogger I received a notice from Country Vacations to pay Rs.12000- for maintainance for the studio apartment which I never stayed for a single day. What a pity

Mahendra said...

This is Mahendra and I had fallen into thier trap around 1 yr ago. They give you false promises about the online booking for different places. Even before 3-4 months booking for abroad, places are not available.

Now after an year, they are coming back asking me to pay 6.6k as AMC charges.

Please don't fall into their trap.

Anonymous said...

Even I am also so unlucky and cheated from CV. I have paid 80K for the membership, don't know how to recover from them? If any one recovered from CV, please let me know how to do that?

thiagu1951 said...

I lost Rs.60,000- and I tried all levels to recover atleast Rs.10,000- but it is impossible for me. I presume the amount was swallowed like sugarcane to the mouth of elephant by Country Clue

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I am one of the people like you who was about to be ripped off by country vacations. But thanks to our (my and my wife's) strong wills that we didn't give up under the pressure put by them.
They went all out to woo us. They showed us all kinds of carrots: free membership of country club worth Rs 1.5 lakh, gold coin, 32 inch LED TV, interest free EMI, cash back, option to sell membership, 2 years trial of membership after which if we don't wish to continue they will refund our money etc, etc. My wife kept saying that this is too attractive to be true. They came all the way down from 2.2 lakh in the beginning to 35K for the life time membership in the end.
Ultimately we refused all their offers saying that spending 2.2 lakhs is not a big deal for us, but it is our hard-earned money and we can't spend even 1 thousand without getting time to think about it and at least before not reading reviews about your company. That is what brought me to this page and I am happy that we didn't fall for it.

Ajay K said...


You're one of those lucky few and smart folks who know that when a deal is too good to be true, it probably isn't..

Good for you..

Anonymous said...

From: Dhaval Shah
To : Brijesh and Radhika

I had received a call today from CountryClub Ahmedabad and searched the net and found your note.

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Country club and Country Vacations is a fraud and God saved you from the crooks and I have lost Rs.60,000/-

Mehulmak said...

guys we have also lost money.. lets go together. I am from bangalore anyone from bang can call me on 8147203771.. we will raise an issue together..unity will only work..lets do it. mehul

Anisur said...

Hi All, I am Anisur from Kolkata. Looks like these people are now here also. In the Feb 2013 book fair people were allocating some coupons, we got 3 coupons. And we received call from each of them that we won FREE gifts. I knew already that some fraud is ON. Me and my wife planned to visit one of them, Country Club. I had not checked the net earlier about the company, as I was firm that I will not buy anything. I told their caller that if they were thinking of selling me anything, then they should be clear that we won't spent a single penny. The lady politely told that they were calling to hand over the gift!!! After reaching there, we found that they are trying to sell their membership (which already assumed and were form that we won't buy anything). We just interestingly watch the bluff the person tried to play as presentation. When he asked at the end how we feel, we just told BRILLIANT but not for us. We cannot afford the membership (Rs. 75000 for 5 years)!!! We also suggested him that he should talk to his top bosses to break the 5 years plan to 1 year and charge Rs. 20000/-, so people like us can afford. The person dejectedly handed over a Rs. 60 glass bowl and the CV 7 days stay plan, which will go to the dust bin!

I would suggest everyone, who lost their money to take the matter to police. How much powerful the goons may be, but no one should accept the cheat and let it go. Fight back, do not expect someone else to fight for you. If we do not stand up against fraud and crime now, we will surely perish one day.

thiagu1951 said...

You said no one went to police to lodge complaint about the fraud of country club. They deligently and cleverly manupulate the laws of the country to their favour and it is not possible for any one goes to police to lodge complaint about the fraud of Country Club because they do the fradulavent activities within the frame work of the law. I lost Rs.60,000- about 4 years back and it is not possible for me to recover even Re.1 from them

Mehulmak said...

Hemant Yadav
Suri ,
Krishnanand Naik ,
Gurudatta MS ,
Mahesh Shetty ,
prakash Ramu ,
rama chemudugunta ,
Sapna Aggarwal ,
Anuj Malik ,
"" ,
abhijeet kumar ,
"" ,
svk_ramesh ,
Sudhee Indra ,
"" ,
Sivaprasad Lepakshi ,
"" ,
Sujaybabu Vemulapalli ,
Sridhar Byle ,
"" ,
"" ,
Sandeep Fatangare ,
"" ,
Senthil Mohan ,
Bhanu Sinha ,
Srikanth Reddy ,
Dimple Mandal ,
Sumant Arora ,
"" ,
Ravi Alla ,
"" ,
Biranchinath Sahu ,
tinku bharti ,
Chennarao Marvatu ,
Vinci Vasudevan <

Above all are the victims of country vacation, kindly mail your experience to all this ids and together we can take action

Mehulmak said...

hello country vacation victims, send us your email and exp on, we are also victims like you, together we can do something

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Brijesh and the ones who put your comments and experience. Yesterday (26th Feb 2013) I got a call from the Country Vacation at Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore. So we went on time and attended the presentation that they given. None of them behaved like a professionals and they insisted me and my wife to take special offer. At the beginning stage itself I had a conclusion that I should not waste even single penny. So I haven't enrolled for any offer. Anyhow its a wakeup call to everybody should away from these kind of cheaters.

Once again, I would want to appreciate each and every people who put their comment here..

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Brijesh and the ones who put your comments and experience. Yesterday (26th Feb 2013) I got a call from the Country Vacation at Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore. So we went on time and attended the presentation that they given. None of them behaved like a professionals and they insisted me and my wife to take special offer. At the beginning stage itself I had a conclusion that I should not waste even single penny. So I haven't enrolled for any offer. Anyhow its a wakeup call to everybody should away from these kind of cheaters.

Once again, I would want to appreciate each and every people who put their comment here..

Ankur Kesarwani said...

Hi all,

Me and my wife visited Goa Country Club and fell into their trap. I am responsible for this as I didn't do thorough research before finalizing the deal.

They promised us 10 years membership for Rs. 80000/-, out of which we paid 15000/-. Now they are asking me to make the payment of Rs. 55000/- and avail the benefit of discount of 10000/-.

We were seeing this as an optional business, of course we were making mistake.

However, after reading your blog and comments of other people, I am sure not going to spend a single rupee over these people.

I am not sure whether I can get back my 15000 or not, but if we are going to make a combined effort, I will try my best to contribute significantly.

Best Regards,
Ankur Kesarwani

Anonymous said...

I also got a call form the agency at Calicut (YMCA complex) stating that I won the free coupon from in a lucky draw conducted at a flower show which my mother went (she never went). I decided to give it a try and as I entered the room, I saw a few gullible families having discusssion with the ''energetic and cheerful'' representatives. I asked how you are getting profited and he said its an adv programme. Then he started saying that you have to pay 1.85 lakhs for membership fee(at 60% reduction) within half an hour to avail the offer. (At that point I decided that I am not even going for their free offer and next time when I get a call I shall block their number). The ''excited and interested'' myself commented that its a wonderful offer- I need to see how far these cheaters are going. I said I cannot pay that amount right now and the rep said you can book that offer for 5000 and avail it later. Mean while one of them just took a paper form my table to a 'counter' and returned it after 10 sec - probably to show that they are doing big things. Finally they took a foto of me in a webcam and gave me a photo printed free coupon (It was a low resolution photo- I don't know how they can misuse it). I am waiting for their call; no money lost so far.

thiagu1951 said...

You are extremely lucky. Thank God. I lost my hard earned money of Rs.60,000/-

Thiagarajan said...

You are really lucky. Thank God. I lost my hard earned money of Rs.60,000/-

Anonymous said...

On Saturday I went to a well known mart. One lady came to me with a coupon saying that there is lucky draw event going on for a 4-wheeler, please feel the form and we will contact you only if you win. On the form no company name was mentioned, only fields to fill in your info. I wondered who is offering this freebie… thought may be the mart is conducting this lucky draw to attract customers. I was not expecting any call or anything.

But to my surprise, the very next day I got call in the evening saying that you won 5 gifts (Kitchenware set, 7 Days Vacation, Jewelry Voucher, SPA Voucher, 1 time visit to their club.. etc) and asked me to visit their Office by 9 pm along with my spouse. Here also the person calling didn't mention the company name, didn't allow me to speak but cleverly question me that you must be wondering why we are offering so much for free. I said yes, how someone can offer it for free. Then she said this is a promotional offer and you don't have to pay a single penny to get these gifts. I also questioned, do we have to take any membership or anything… she said No. As we were planning to go out anyway, out of curiosity we decided to visit their office instead.

We went there and as soon as I saw 'Country....'. It struck me big time, I heard lot negative about Country Club but as we were already there, we thought let's see what these guys have to say. They asked us to go through one hour presentation. Every other person there is 'MANAGER', they will say MANAGER will explain this, approve this blah blan... But the same two guys were coming to our table and explained the same things (which I read online now) about their Lifetime Club 'OWNERSHIP' (not membership) up to three generations, reduced the 5 yrs membership cost from 1.4L to 70K along with 7 days free vacation to any Asian country (incl ALL = Air Travel + Hotel Stay + Food + Sight Seeing...everything). The last one made us think that this is really a very good offer. But I said I cannot pay 70K in one go. Then they offered the Credit Card EMI option, tie-up with all banks :) and asked me to pay 25K down-payment. I said I am okay with your offer but just give us one day to think on this. They kept on telling us from the start, you are the few lucky ones who are selected for this offer. We have only 10 offers of this kind and only one is left... it will not last long. You have to decide here and tell us today only...right here. Those 'thugs' said that whatever we explained if its not there on the contract, you can reject the 'OWNERSHIP'. We were planning to consider the offer but I told them you have not given us time to think or research, you called in the evening and asked us to come today... give us sometime to think. But they said the offer is for today only. You have to tell now and if you dont want to go ahead we will provide you four 7 days vacation against your 25K or a refund.

Now after reading all these online comments, I thank my lucky stars that I didn't pay anything to them... we almost considered their offer. While leaving their office, I was thinking probably we are missing something.

Thank you Brajesh, Radhika and all others for sharing your experience. I hope people will not loose their hard earn money to these kind of fraudsters but use it instead to help needy/poor people.

Anonymous said...

thank u very much,i received a call today only. i searched for the offer gift online and i found it to be very very helpful, i have informed the local police about the event, let see how many can be saved from these frauds

Unknown said...

Hello friends. I have spent rs 60000.
I think it might not be lost. Why not go out take a vacation. How many of us have taken vacation. I am planning next month till then hoping for the best.
I guess to get the better of them.. All those who are paying instalments should take international holiday in first year and then try to stop instalment and annual dues. Cancel the membership. Ha ha said...

Try your luck friend. I lost Rs.60,000- about 8 years back. I try by all means but I am unable obtain even a single Rupee from them.

Anonymous said...

I too had same experience few days back. Even after not convinced for their packages, they made me convinced that I can BLOCK the "OWNERSHIP" by paying 2k (actual amount 95k) and pay the rest of the amount next month. THey promised me, If not ready to take ownership even after one month they will repay this 2k by giving me one 2 day trip any where in India. seeing all your experiences I think very less amount. Thank god.

thiagu1951 said...

You are extremely lucky. Thanks to Brijesh And Radhika

Naveen said...

Hey guys, even we have put in 50000, which seems to have been lost now. Let us get together and take some legal recourse. What do you say?
Naveen, Pune

Anonymous said...

On one fine day my father got a call from country club hyderabad. He was invited for free event they offered free gifts and membership fee RS: 1 Lakh in year 2000. I was away in Gulf country when i came back on vacation to hyderabad, my father told me what has happened. I went to country club office in himayatnagar and met with manager and requested him to cancel the membership and give back the amount. Upon which he said my father will get only Rs:18,000 if he cancel the membership. These people are on looting spree, please do not fall prey to these clubs. I hope someone dare to take right action in these clubs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wish I would have read your blog before being trapped into it.

We are also the sufferer of the this Country Club vacation membership. It all started with the call which you all are aware off. We attended that sessions and we decided to take it as we trusted on the guys, who explained us about the offer. They offered us Two flight tickets and One tab worth Rs. 10000.
ht and numerous phone calls, he gave us two tickets. When I asked him about the TAB, he started making excuses saying that the concerned guy in Hyderabad is on leave and you will get it within 15 days. Its going be around 1 year, I am still behind that guy to give me TAB or the money. One more important thing, we will get any branded TAB worth Rs. 10000, afterwards, he said its only Rs. 5000 and he is not updated with the latest activity.

After few months, when we asked them for the tickets, he started showing his colors and literally made me run behind me for 8 months. After a BIG fight
He has promised to help us in selling or renting out the membership if we didn't wish to continue with it. For that also, i am still struggling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. ...even my wife got a call 3days back...we were called for the presentation wich took 2 hours. It was so professional any person will get caught. Thank God with my experience on researching before paying we didn't got caught. .I will take all efforts to stop this in this country and protect srilankans

Thiagarajan Ramachandran said...

God is great. You are extremely lucky saved from this nefarious fraud

Mahavir Jain said...

Hello My self Mahavir Jain.

I already purchase country club membership before 1 year and recently i checked on then website shows me your holidays are booked for this year, 2013 - 2014, but i never booked any thing from website, so how is possible,

Also i emails on customer care emails ids but uptill now i dont get any revert answers from them, he told me our executives are on leave so dont reply at this time, please wait some time, but today is 5th day from my inquiry, and when i call back then same answer is give from customer care office.

SO please avoid county vacations.

This is my big mistakes, i already paid my membership fee, so i want revert back, is it any possible way for this.

Please help me.

Thiagarajan Ramachandran said...

Country Vacations India is a big fraud company. To the best of my knowledge and belief it is not possible to recover any amount from them

Anonymous said...

Country vacations is one of the worst organization, I have ever dealt with in my life. After a long fight of 8 months I got my money back. These guys are very rude.

Thiagarajan Ramachandran said...

You are really lucky. Kindly inform how to recover money from them. I lost
Rs.60,000- and am unable to recover any amount from them

Unknown said...

Hi to Everyone,

who ever is suffering from timeshare problems from companies like Country Club, Club Mahindra, Sterling etc. can contact me. Will help you to get back your hard earned money in the easiest possible way. you can contact me on Note: No Money Involve for the service.


Anonymous said...

This Country Club Vacationd International Sdn, Bhd. are in Malaysia operating their business
at No. 8-9-6 Menara Mutiara, Bangsar, Jalan Liku, off Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is NO office contact provided they only call through their Mobile Number. They call and inform that I was selected for their lucky draw for 7 days holidays as I was drop in a ticket in Global Indian Fashion at Mid Valley Mega Mall recently. They request me to come to their office on Sunday to collect the voucher and inform they close this office on Monday and Tuesday and will open back on Wednesday. They too explain to me regarding the holiday vouchers and about the membership. If I able to sign up today for RM20,500 with deposit 30% I would able to get a land value of RS8,000 at Madurai. I was suspicious about this matter. So I refuse the offer and immediately say NO to their membership. They gave me 7 days holiday voucher has free gift. I decide not use the vouchers.

Pls Beware of this scam Malaysia people.

Thiagarajan Ramachandran said...

How fraud people like country vacations thrive I do not know. Until few days back they cheated Indian people only. Now they become global cheaters. They promised me plot at Tiruttani.

I lost Rs.60,000- 6 years back

skumar said...

Thanks everyone. They started recently in Hyderabad. Nsl centrum 1 st floor kphb. Don't fall into their trap

Yatin said...

Guys, I really dont know why you had such bitter experience with Country Vacations. I am member since last 6 years. I am very happy with their service. I have also been to various country club properties all over India. They are best in imparting their serivces. Very soon i am planning an International vacation with them. So guys, who are the members of Country vacations, contact proper person and plan a vacation with your fly. Its fun. Believe me i m not any Country club staff person. Happy vacations.

Unknown said...

Hi guys I went to D mart in pune NIBM on 25 may 2016 and filled a form then got a call from COUNTRY VACATION saying I got selected as one of the luckiest customer . I was promised 5 free gift that includes kitchen gift set ,holiday Boucher among the others. Their only requiremnt was to attend a 45 min presentation along with spouse. This all looked very suspicious to me and I happeNed to verify through interest and got so many negative comments and fraud cases by the country vacation. I am going there and hope if you read all the above would also avoid .


Unknown said...

Hi Guys,
I got my money refund from country club through bank
If any one need help plz send me mail. i will guide you, how to get ur money refund from country club
mail id:

or plz follow the below steps.
1. If payment made through Credit card, raise dispute to the bank immediately
2. if payment made through Debit card or cash, then you need to file FIR against Country Club & file case in consumer forum as well


Unknown said...

Today I received a call from them that I have won four lucky coupons. They requested me to collect them tomorrow. But reading all these comments I decide not to go there. Thank you guys

Anonymous said...

Today I received a call from them. Decided to search on net about this call.Thanks for the updates.

Manish said...

Hello, I also got a call from the country club to collect free gifts which I won in a lucky draw. They are totally fraud. Free gifts are:
1) 6N/7D free stay: This is fake. a) You have to make payment of 5k-10k at the time of booking while availing voucher. b) This is only for off season only. c) These are selected properties which are not on the prime locations and are not good as well.
2) Vibes/skin voucher: This is also useless. They provide u 10,000 - 15,000 free gift voucher of either beauty salon, fitness center or whatever which are totally waste. U have to pay 15% service charge at the time of availing these voucher which is about 2500-3000. And the quality of the services you get through voucher in vibes, skin,.. etc are very very bad. You can google it. Type: "vibes 15000 voucher review" and check it on your own.

In short, you totally waste your valuable time by visiting there. All free gifts are useless and waste. They are making you fool by calling you on the false promise and then trying to sell their membership plan. Please beaware don't buy their plan at all. Google reviews about "country club" and you get to know why I am saying this.
Other reasons for not to be a part of country club are:
1) You can judge it by this thing only that they don't give you time to think or google about them. They will tell you that make the decision on the spot about their plan and give them money. If the country club is really good and provides good service then they don't have to be scared that customer will not return to them and they don't need to force you to make payment on the spot.
2) Some words from the employees of the country club. They have clearly mentioned that country club cheated people. Check out below links:

Think guys Think.. I have shared my experience.

Anonymous said...

Knowing fully well that it is a fraud, I collect their voucher to check their fraud.

- As per voucher, charges payable for this SO CALLED FREE voucher was Rs 5500 (6 Night / 7 Day), Rs 4500 (4N/5D & 3N/4D), Rs 3000 (2N/ 3D)

- As per the terms given in the voucher, this voucher was valid from Feb to Sept. However when I tried to book my visit, only three month (Jun, July, & Aug) were shown for selecting. Since I was given this voucher in Sept, the only option was to book for a date atleast 9 months ahead.

- Still I tested some dates 9 to 12 months ahead. To my surprise, in 90 % cases it was showing as NOT AVAILABLE even for dated 9 to 12 months in advance. In few cases where it showed me some dates as available, they were charging food charges @ Rs 950/- per night extra and there was no option to remove it. So it was mandatory to pay for food charges in addition to room charges.

Since I was knowing that this is fraud and had no intention of actual booking it, I did not made any payment.

Actually this is their way to call people to their office so that they can advertise for their products. They has no intention to give any free vacation vouchers.

A company who cheats their customers like this, you can guess their service quality. It is better to stay away from such company.

Thiagarajan Ramachandran said...

Absolutely correct. How to stop this fraud?