Friday, December 19, 2008

Creating Coldfsuion search application using VERITY

Coldfusion Application server comes with VERITY enterprise search. If you have installed coldfsuion server, and go to your services you will see COLFUSION SEARCH server also running. This is the search server we are going to use to create the Verity search application.

Here is what we need to do

1. Create a COLLECTION of the content you want to search, you can create a collection in 2 ways a) through COLDFUSION ADMINISTRATOR b) by <cfcollection> tag.

2. After creating a collection you index it, this is done by <cfindex> tag. This index can be added as a coldfusion schedule tag, so that it indexes the collection every day or week, just as any other spider indexes your website.

3. Use <cfsearch> tag to search the indexed collection.

that's all what you need to do. This is really simple and a fast way of search, when you search you will not be running queries against database and you can even get RANKS, PREVIEW, etc

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