Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ezone India Bangalore - Buying experience

I had a very bad buying experience at Ezone India (, , Banagalore, Koramangala show room. On 29th June 2009, I purchased couple of articles, LG LCD TV and LG Fridge, together worth more than 1.15 lacks. I was told that TV will be delivered within 3 days and Fridge within 2 weeks. I paid for both full amount on 29th itself.

After the purchase there was no news or follow up from Ezone and after a week on 6th July 2009, I gave them a call and asked them regarding the TV delivery, I was told that it would be delivered the next day before 12:00 pm. The next day also there was also no news and I called Ezone at 12:00 pm and reminded them regarding my delivery, I was told that it would be delivered within an hour, they did come and delivered it after 2 hours or so. There was no follow up from Ezone to LG for installation and I had to call LG customer service to request for the same.

The worst was with the fridge, I did not hear anything from them for 12 days, then I went to the showroom personally on 11th July 2009, and met Mr. Santosh, who told me to give a call on coming Monday when he will tell me when the fridge will be delivered on Monday. On 13th July 2009, I gave them a call and spoke again to Santosh, who told me that there is some issue with LG logistics and if the fridge comes today evening they will deliver it tomorrow otherwise on 15th July 2009, Wednesday, which was also the committed date. In between all this he was trying to say that I had agreed till 15th so it will be delivered by that day. Then next day there was again no call whether they are going to deliver it or not, I called them in evening and requested them to deliver it by 1:00 pm on 15th as I have to go to office after that. Mr. Santosh promptly agreed.

On 15th July, I didn't get the fridge by 1:00 pm, so I called again and they told me that they cannot commit on a time, but it would be delivered, no one came till 7:30 pm so I called them again, this time Mr. Santosh told me that the driver has left and it would be delivered by 9:00 pm. We all waited till 9:00 and there was no call or delivery, after that I couldn't reach their customer service or office number.

Then next day, when I called around 12:00 pm, I was surprised when Mr. Santosh told me that fridge has already been delivered, he was very rude in his talk. At this point I decided to go to Ezone and cancel the order, luckily for Ezone, I got stuck at some work in office and in the mean time they came to home and delivered the fridge. They also told a lot of lies, like they called us and we didn't receive the phone, there was no one at home, Blah Blah, basically trying to blame us for their delay.

I don't have an experience by my friends told that PAI is good and the rates are very competitive.

This was my first and last purchase from Ezone, after this experience I would never buy anything from them again !!!!!!!!

Pros - 10:30 am - 8:30 pm toll free number customer service 1800 425 7722
Cons - Bad service, no delivery follow ups, no gifts along with purchase, no DEMO calls.

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Jakarta said...

I have also very bad experience for installation of LG AC supplied by E-Zone, Alwarpet.I bout 2 unit of LG AC on 08th April and no one came to my house in Chennai till 15th April, 2012 despite frequent request.
This will be my first and last purchase from E-Zone