Saturday, June 23, 2012

GMITE VI at IIM - Bangalore, Courses Offered

Below is the list of courses done / offered for GMITE VI at IIM - Bangalore (2012)

This list is NOT complete, as the course ends in November 2012

Course Phase Status
Phase I - 16th Jan - 20 Jan, 2012
Strategy for Emerging Markets  Completed
Financial Accounting  Completed
Managing Cross Cultural Differences  Completed
Phase II - 3rd Feb – 1st June, 2012
Micro Economics  Completed
Financial Accounting   Completed
Team Building and Conflict Management  Completed
Corporate Finance  Completed
Management Accounting  Completed
Management of Commercial Contracts Completed
Organizational Structure and Design Completed
Phase III -  4th June - 9th June, 2012
Management of Technology Products Completed
EXAMS  Completed
Phase IV - 15th June - 21st Sept, 2012
Intellectual Property Rights  Completed
International Taxation  Completed
Service Management Strategy  Completed
Strategic Management Completed
Leadership: Organizational Politics  Completed
Proactive Leadership  Completed
Thinking Unconventionally  Completed
Strategic Market Planning  Completed

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Raguh said...

Are we allowed to attend sessions through webEx in case we are out of Bangalore because of personal/professional commitments for few weeks.?. Because I have seen in the application form that there will not be change from on campus to off-campus once admission is got.

Please respond if webEx is allowed when required for candidates selected as on-campus in their application.